Survival camp outs

Join Cashane Rangers for a survival camp out weekend where you will be involved in making camp fire with a flint, building shelters, finding food and water, making bush weapons, tracking and camouflage, teamwork  and much more.

Below are the camp out dates for the holiday season. All bookings should be done a week before the camp out date you will be attending.

Camp out dates for Holidays.

 Cashane Junior Rangers (6 – 14yrs)

December 8/9 – R450pp (Members of Cashane Rangers R350pp)

 Cashane Rangers (14 – 18yrs)

December 14 to 16 – R750pp

 Family camp outs

December 18 to 20 R750pp (Members of Cashane Rangers R550pp)

 Camp out for all

January 5/6 – R450pp (Members of Cashane Rangers R350pp)

 For all enquires and bookings call Ian at 076 429 6739 or email;


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